April 3rd, 2020



I like Cinnamon, which is odd, because I don't really "like" desktop managers. But when I need a head, I like Cinnamon. The issue I mostly have is Cinnamon doesn't like me. Or rather, VirtulBox, with its ever-present, "Software Rendering" error. I'm putting this as a placeholder because I think I may have finally gotten it to work consistently, and wanted to bookmark it:

1. If running linux as host, install virtualbox-guest-x11

2. Max out guest display memory (128MB)

3. Choose VMSVGA (I read VboxVGA was solely for Windows guests)


Dark Mode

Its amazing what can transpire when we're not trying to force people into boxes we believe they should fit in because their values and priorities (let alone personality types) may differ from our own. I mean, as far as this goes without saying,what works for us may not work for someone else.

I know we understand this easily at an intellectual level, but its usually in the practical we get frustrated — and for numerous, mostly selfish, reasons. Then again, there are a LOT of people out there who don't realize their behavior screams, "selfish" as their words attempt a sleight of hand for the purpose of obfuscation.

Coupled with the fact most of us maintain, to various degrees of success, a public persona which can vary wildly as compared to our private selves (the greater the variance the heavier the burden — fooling oneself is exhausting work), who we become in self-isolation can be taxing. When the mask of self-deception slips — and it will, given the lack of a social reset-button — what remains is likely very close to who we really are.

I hope you like what you find :)