April 12th, 2020


The Elephant and the Ass

Republicans and Democrats on my feed mirror, fairly accurately, their collective feelings on Trump; outspoken Republicans rarely (ever?) post fake-news pieces mocking him or critical opinion pieces on what a piece of shit he is, while the outspoken Democrats do so quite frequently.

Likewise, outspoken Democrats rarely post fake-new pieces or photos of Pelosi and AOC mocking their braying horse faces, alcohol consumption habits, prior work experience, ethnicity, sexuality, or some other targeted misogynistic bullshit, while the outspoken Republicans do, rather frequently.

The idea that they have to attack someone's looks (or worse), because they disagree with their politics speaking volumes more about their own character than the person they've attacked notwithstanding, it would seem Trump could theoretically sexually penetrate a male infant on live TV and the subsequent defense of his actions on FOX would generally reflect an agreement of his base that Obama has done far worse. Trump would say (and they would believe) that it Never Happened (fake news). And if CNN played back that heinous, undeniable, same-sex act against a minor, well, CNN would be attacked, not the President. Because CNN.

Why the world works this way is not only beyond the scope of this post, but also way beyond the scope of my own comprehension. Its a horrific example, yet the goalposts have been in such a state of flux since 2016 the things happening in Washington today which would have seemed scandalous six-months ago are all but passe now, a cycle which has repeated itself over and over and over. And given the adage, "A bad Republican is better than a good Democrat" without a definitive point where that line actually blurs, leaves the playing field wide open. If you haven't drawn the line yet, at what point would you? At what point should you?

All this is to say because I am not an outspoken Democrat nor an outspoken Republican, when I make an observation, its not for the purpose of promoting one party over the other, personally attacking your apologist position (though maybe I am if you've so tightly wrapped who you are as a person to a specific ideology)...nevermind I bet that's it.