November 23rd, 2020

Delroy Lindo

Banging the Lieutenant Governor

This one is a little fuzzy, but once again I was working in some enormous, labyrinthed facility (with difficult-to-find restrooms down numerous, circuitous hallways of course). A main difference this time was the large, well-appointed main rotunda adorned with dark woodwork and ornate dark green carpet. I was working at the State Capitol. And there were of course lots of people - a glut of busy workers all in dark suits as befitting their position.

As you may imagine, the Governor was an exceedingly busy man. The Lieutenant Governor, his second, apparently less so, as we'd just finished screwing on the brown leather sofa in her office. She was a cross between Natalie "Fig" Figueroa from Orange is the New Black and Kate Walsh, the actress who plays The Handler in The Umbrella Academy (Addison Montgomery from Private Practice/Grey's Anatomy). I was dismissed shortly thereafter as she was apparently just using me for sex. So I went back to work.

Curiously, I worked on a farm or oil field or some super rural, dusty outdoor environment. There were a lot of famers and cowboys and migrant workers here, all very busy. They were working around heavy machinery, beasts of burden, and fields of things which have been planted or were in the process of being planted. Everyone seemed to be working at optimum efficiency. Everyone but me, apparently, as I had no idea what it was I was supposed to be doing. The Governor was responsible for overseeing this rustic operation and was apparently a precise man who demanded precise results and tolerated no nonsense - which is why there was a collective gasp when I touched some moving part of an old John Deere tractor and cut my finger. I was going to have to report this directly to the Governor himself, with who apparently I'd just had a similar run-in, so this was not only my second strike, but apparently also his second-strike, as he was being audited on workplace safety as there had been a handful of incidents, and he was under scrutiny from the advisory board of such matters.

I arrive back at the State Capitol and I can see the Governor but I keep just missing him as he and his entourage are either just leaving or just arriving to meeting after meeting in different parts of the Capitol. I am also simultaneously trying to avoid the Lieutenant Governor who's apparently ready for round two of our inter-office tryst. Now the sex was awesome, but I'm feeling just a little uncomfortable about it, and decide I need to let my wife know I'm having this completely unexpected extra-marital affair, so I head home.

I'm a on a city bus traveling home through something that looks like Northern California. I arrive at my apartment building, the interiors of which are all laid out differently in a post-modern, multi-level ranch-style. Wifey is there with my daughter, so now is probably not a good time to tell her about boning the Lieutenant Governor, but my neighbor I've never met who was on the bus with me follows me in to introduce himself to my wife and I. He's wearing a grey work shirt with his name patch sewn onto it - some sort of manufacturing I guess. He looks around the place which is mostly just stacked with boxes as we've only recently moved in and notices the glass panel containing the hidden built-in bar. "Nice looking bar," he says, indicating he'd like a drink. How forward, I think. But my life is chaos right with the movers suddenly in and out delivering the larger items from our move.