December 1st, 2021


New Table Top Battleship Game!

Dreamed I was at das Mudhaus with a collection of friends both new and old (many who were living there unaware of our connection with its hallowed halls) for a party of epic proportions surrounding a new tabletop game, Warships! where miniatures were laid upon intricate maps (some map packs were available purchased separately) but the miniatures actually fired and moved - not only that, but you could immerse yourself into the game almost like VR or an early holodeck; it was totally consuming!

Some of the guests were arriving in either vintage cars, or had rented exquisite vehicles in which to help celebrate this game, the party, and the guests. Of course I had brought my camera so was pretty excited to start shooting HDR images of these magnificent vehicles, but was running out of time because I wanted to run to Target to get the newest map pack - this one was an abandoned Eastern European airfield which was fascinating to see how the warships were able to sneak close via nearby waterways.

Then the Backup Team called and my happiness evaporated with the dream.