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High Tech; Red Neck

When I moved to Anna I was a tight, lithe thing - but since then, I've gotten downright enormous. Problem is, I'm not motivated to do anything about it. I don't exercise and I love to eat. Now I'm good with diets, because I hate pre-processed, pre-packaged foods, and I love fresh, raw fruits and vegetables. Problem is, those things aren't usually readily available, nor are they inexpensive. Furthermore, the sheer amount of fresh fruits and vegetables I can put away isn't exactly the type of thing they're suggesting. Rock, meet hard place.

The problem seems to be that I spend my entire day sitting; eight hours in a chair. And this wears me out. So when I get home, I want to sit. Then I go to bed. I spend more time sitting than doing any other single thing. Its become a pastime! Surely all this sitting can be addressed, can it not?

I saw new pics of photogoot and was amazed as his transformation. He walks about an hour a day. ITS TOO HOT FOR ME TO WALK AN HOUR WHEN I GET HOME. Plus, you know, kids. I can't just leave them in the house alone for that period of time. Sometimes we'll walk around the plant before lunch - I can cover a mile easily here - all indoors. However, yesterday I was too buried to walk. This happens more often than not. So if there is nothing I can do about the sitting at work, I would have to address this issue at home.

I unfolded the treadmill last night, put on Excelsior! and walked at a brisk pace for eighty-one minutes and thirty-one seconds.

About a third of the way through, I'd wished I'd brought my laptop to place on the 'book holder' our treadmill comes with, but lugging that thing back and forth every day would just piss me off, and I really wouldn't be able to use the keyboard. There had to be a better way. All I was doing was walking on the treadmill waiting to finish so I could sit down in front of the computer...

THIS IS NOT A JOKE. THESE ARE ACTUAL PICTURES. Every time I was in front of the computer, I was walking. Now, I'm no fool, and this may not be a great long-term solution, but I'm going to stick it out a little bit and see what a little movement does before my muscles atrophy due to the Art of Sitting. Yes, that's duct tape.

I stood up here and walked for ten minutes this morning while drinking coffee and checking my emails.
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