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A Wolf without a Foot!

So you have some shortcomings. We all do. I'm working on mine, are you working on yours? If there's something about me which bothers you, let me know - we'll talk about it. Its likely I'm already aware of it. If I feel I know you well enough to mention yours to you, attacking me with the notion that I'm trying to "change you" is probably overkill for the situation and will cause me to never approach the subject again.

Are you serious? Trying to change you? Good grief. No wonder you're miserable.

Also, expressing to me that you're an asshole - that is, now that I'm forewarned, any time you feel like being an asshole to me it will be my fault because you've warned me ahead of time? Yeah, grow up. No one is going to put up with that shit.

Yes I wear rose-colored glasses, and I used to think that a bad thing. I took them off for a little while and saw the world for what it really was, and it consumed me. I wear them now, and you know what? I'm happier because of it. So go ahead, mock me in your misery. I won't care, because I'm happy.

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