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My little power ranger likes to 'Power Up' before riding his electric 4-wheeler all over the property. I feel safer knowing he's out there battling evil.

Concerning the subject of this post, I feel like I've moved in and am fleecing this town. Wife has a library card with a limit of 8 music CD's you can check out daily. I've already ripped my first 8 and am going back today. My only begrudgement is that they are closed during the holiday.

Yes, teh max0r is set up and running in Wichita, but not without a few surprises. First of all, I used the 17" monitor because I was under the impression that teh max0r had a maximum resolution of 1280x1024. Deciding to watch Sin City last night night on the 22" monitor and Bose MediaMate speakers over the exisiting setup at the house, I attached the larger monitor. Apparently, Tony's 17" LCD only has the capacity to display 1280x1024, because teh max0r now allows me to set the resolution as high as 2048x1536! I think I'll use the 22" when I get to St. Louis.

Another surprise is the built-in 56k modem I laughed at when I first got the mini. It's what I'm using now to post to you. A bonus of using my wife's dial-up connection on the wee mac is that she's limited to 28.8 at Remote Location Alpha. Well with the wee mac, I'm getting a whopping 31.2! Booyakasha. After my 3 months with 26.4 AOL dial-up, if I don't get some broadband soon, I'm going to seriously hurt someone. And speaking of broadband...

It looks like our T1 has been terminated. All of our boxes are offline. Details are still sketchy at this point and I'm trying to confirm. At this point I'm using to host my images. Thanks Dave!
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