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Act of God

I jumped out of bed early July 4th, chopped and sautéed fistsfulls of fresh vegetables in preparation for a garden omelette, did my free weights, followed by an hour on the treadmill, cleaned the kitchen and stove, took a shower, got the kids ready, opened the garage door and stared at the place my car was supposed to be.

glodowg had driven me home the night before. jesskd26 then had to pick up the kids and I (thank you) where we met with her mother and drax0r's mother for an Independence Day meal. The grilled brats & cheesewurst were fantastic, and the burgers to die for. And of course, Mr. Bock was in attendance, right where I'd left him the night before.

The President of the Greater Anna Chamber of Commerce, wanting to maximize income from the meticulously planned and executed city-wide 4th of July celebration event had beseeched drax0r and I to sit in the dunking booth, as the draw from us would likely be greater than any other single person, excepting perhaps the Mormon prohibitionist-leader councilman who I drunk-dialed the night before when I heard he'd withdrawn his name from the dunk tank last minute (as is his legacy; surprise votes completely contrary to his word) and as City Council meetings are held every other Tuesday night here, I ended the conversation with an overly enthusiastic, "SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY" before I realized what I'd actually connoted. Which in turn made me giggle.

There was only one other request concerning the dunk tank: That I wear pigtails.

jesskd26's mother dolled me up in no less than four - one on each side, one out back, and on right on top. Children were frightened of my visage when they came in contact with me, and people who did not know me eyed me suspiciously. But right before I was to crawl into the tank, we had a lighting storm that would rival the destruction of Rome from the movie The Day after Tomorrow. Although online maps showed the storm only over Anna, and moving quickly, rain followed the lighting with some fierceness as it pelted the city, followed again by more lighting once the rain had subsided. The celebration event had been terminated prematurely, and without a single shot being fired across my bow.

I spent the rest of the day in bed drinking Scottish Ale and watching Season Two of Criminal Minds. I don't really know what it is you people do, but I hope you have as much fun in life as I do.
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