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Marc Gonsalves

When I was stationed at the 480th Intelligence Group attached to the 36th Tactical Intelligence Squadron at Langley Air Force Base in Virginia there was a young airman who showed up from Tech School who was assigned to our sister squadron, the 27th. Though I rarely interacted with him directly, you cannot be in a tactical environment holed away from the rest of the base because of your mission without knowing everything about everyone else around you. photogoot once quipped about us Imagery Analysts that we were ...the most incestuous, adulterous, tight-knit group... he'd ever run across. That being said, though he and I rarely talked, we were still a team. He preceded me to US Central Command during the Mogadishu conflict, but I lost contact with nearly everyone at Langley when I left for Korea.

I found today that that young man had been a hostage in Columbia since February 2003, and was rescued six days ago during a Colombian military rescue operation.

I'm not going to complain today. About anything.
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