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They had an iPhone on display at the AT&T store. I bemusingly picked it up...and wanted one. Well, almost. When I carted around the Vaio life was good - it was almost perfect excepting three very key points of contention:

  • The miniature keyboard was maddeningly microscopic

  • It was $2000

  • It ran the Windows operating system

The iPhone's interface is a millennium ahead of both the Vaio and the WOEFULLY MISNAMED new Samsung "Instinct" as it is anything but instinctual. But the iPhone has two drawbacks - One, its a phone. And two, it doesn't *actually* run OSX. I don't want another phone. I haven't paid a cell phone bill in eight years, and my company is not going to let me transfer my plan to an iPhone. I want a computer - like the Vaio, on an iPhone platform, with the iPhone interface, running OSX.


After explaining this to several helpful people who want to sell me things, they brought me to the iTouch. Which is an mp3 player. Also not running OSX, but a stripped down version of the iPhone software. Another step down from the object I desire - an object which perplexedly doesn't exist yet. I want built-in broadband access like the iPhone, or at least a USB PORT that I could plug my AirCard into like the Vaio allowed. The iTouch has only wifi access.

APPLE - HEAR ME NOW! MOAR HANDHELDS! Give me OSX in the palm of my hand (for approximately the price of an iPhone) or give me death!

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