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My subdivision made the front page of the city paper when county health officials closed our neighborhood swimming pool. Likely due to falling home sales throughout the region, the developer allegedly instructed the maintenance company to treat it one-third of its recommended scheduled and simultaneously fired our Home Owners Association Management Company. This leaves us with no maintenance anywhere within the subdivision, no representation, and turns all our annual dues over to the developer. We've since formed a committee, consulted a lawyer, and have gotten the City involved. Stay tuned for further developments.

Next door neighbor and fellow lj'er onthetrails posted a VERY HUMOROUS 60-second video which those of you on my FL alone would appreciate. Please stop by an watch it. If it turns out not to be worth your time, I will compensate you. And while you're there, welcome him into the fold. His posts have an off-kilter humor about things which never cross my mind.

What some saw as my mean-streak yesterday has been laid to rest. My last post was not meant as an overture of evil. I did it for many different reasons, none of which was to hurt schpydurx. I suppose I was seeking validation at some level. Its not about the comments - I miss the interaction - not just the number of inane quips. I honestly thought most people would simply vote, and not comment. I almost disallowed comments on this post, but thought some may wish to pontificate on their vote. Color me surprised.

This weekend will be spent cleaning the house, drinking beer (possibly absinthe cut with champange with mr_dowg, drax0r & osontx) then relaxing in a manner congruent with weekend inactivity in preparation for next weekend's trip to Wise County where will we bounce between my folks house, and the hotel we got for the weekend. May each and every one of you have a weekend filled with...the types of things you people like to do. Hell, I dunno.

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