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Slept 10-hours Saturday night. That's damn rare for me. Even more rare is laying in bed for 10-hours watching television. Rarer still, sleeping another 10-hours after that. Yeah, I was lazy Sunday. And I feel like the luckiest guy on the planet for it.

Friday, I came home with NCIS Season 4 and I laughed and laughed watching the show. It seems they really hit their stride with this Season. I sure do miss Kate though. We watched all of the first disc. Sunday, we watched all of the second. I preceded this marathon with a couple of episodes from Season 1 (I haven't seen most of Season 1 and the first half of Season 2) followed a movie I've only seen twice, and the last time some 10-years ago or more: The Presidio with Sean Connery, Meg Ryan (complete with 80s hair) and yes, Mark Harmon. I giggled every time he was on screen. I remember it being a good enough movie to purchase from Best Buy on DVD for $6.99, but only got about a quarter through it before I began my unusually lengthy slumber.

Season 5 isn't going to be released on DVD until August 26th so I may get a small reprieve between then and the end of Season 4. Maybe enough to catch up on all the other episodes I haven't seen yet. If this pace keeps up however, I'll be sending galinda822 all five box sets. That way she can start Season 6 in the fall when it comes on television ;)

My wife mentioned to me yesterday she's getting bored with watching NCIS. Sad times ahead.
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