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Body by Bowflex

My first workout with the Bowflex was putting it together. Five boxes, a full 5,280 feet of cable, and five different types of screws in which none of the screw names on the instructions matched the screw names on the bags. Brilliant. That being said, as it came together and I started to understand how it worked and was quite impressed with the engineering behind it. But would I use it?

As it turned out, not immediately. I was too intimidated by it. It was large, and scary-looking. The many configurations frightened me, and I shunned it. As time passed however, and I got used to it being in the house, I would occasionally tug on one of its pulleys or straddle its adjustable-height seat. Perhaps slip my legs into the leg extension attachment.

My wife, a former exercise nut, quickly assimilated its many different exercises and began a rotating workout for us: Legs, arms, chest, shoulders, back. As I grew more comfortable using it, the more I wanted to challenge myself. Results came slowly at first, but come they did. I foresee success, and success alone because of the purchase of this device. Its not only easy to use, its fun. The PowerRods, which supply the resistance, are smooth and firm; the pulleys quiet and effective. Never before using either free-weights or a professional gym have I felt a good 'burn' during my workout. And since you can move quickly and effortlessly from exercise to exercise, my heart rate stays up during the entire workout.

Its been two weeks so far, and I like what I see. I like how I feel. Unlike a diet, or a more aggressive exercise regime, this workout is repeatable indefinitely - just 20 minutes a day. My wife and I spot each other, we work out together, and that's a great comfort and inspiration. Its time well spent together after a hectic day at the office.

I have 8-weeks to go to my Body by Bowflex.

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