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In what turned out to be the classic symptoms of anti-cultural philistineism, I took heed of "The Sixth Elegy" from Milton's Paradise Lost and turned to ",food and love" to break this spell of the muses' antithesis. drax0r and I threw a combined birthday party, to which, unbeknownst to us, our wives had collaborated to have the local confectioner bake us a cake with the words, "Heterosexual Life Mates" frosted on top. The confectioner even visited "official" gay sites to ensure the rainbow colors were in the proper order:

Even though it was a gift-less party, I managed to score a very nice bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon from Daisy & RBO (of Tribal Council fame) and a nice bottle of Glenmorangie from Wingnut (also of Tribal Council). texas_tangent made a whole platterful of her now-famous sausage balls to compliment drax0r's grilled Shiner Bock bratwursts. Everything was fantastic. Thanks guys. I left after a losing game of Texas Hold'em - I did my part to kill the keg, but when glodowg and mr_dowg left, I tried to make an unnoticed departure with them, thwarted by glodowg who accidentally set off the panic alarm of her father's truck which she drove to the party.

My wife spent all day at various garage sales in the area with her mother and glodowg today while mr_dowg and I watched the kids and Cutthroat Island. Tomorrow, he and I are heading out for Cardiac Fries at "Scotty P's" and a visit to Kegs and Barrels for some great beer.

What a day!
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