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drax0r and I run a very active forum for the city of Anna. We interact with the Police and Fire departments on it, the Chamber of Commerce, and as far as we can tell, many of the Councilmen and City Staff read it. We currently have 414 users, of which about a tenth of that actively post. Our highest online at one time was 72. We get several new members a week. Some were lurkers who jump right in and participate, others take to it more slowly. Today, we had 15 new members. Most of them spammers from overseas. We immediately deleted two of them for posting pornographic material - the other 13 simply registered. Why? Why do people register at forums they do not post to, or even read?

On this blog, I get only a handful of people who add me as their friend and then actively participate with myself or others in comments. Most of the people who add me are Russians with whom I have no interests in common. They add me, then never comment, either in their own language, or mine. Why? Why do Russians friend total strangers en masse?

Yesterday, I chopped fresh squash, zucchini, mushrooms, onions and poblano peppers and threw them on the grill with the chicken. Sometimes poblano peppers are fairly mild. Other times they're very, very hot. These were the latter. Why do I invariably find my finger in my nose after chopping poblano peppers? Why? It burns!


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