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Androgynous forms passing by
Almost imperceptible
Unhurried gait denotes a calm
Life tipped from a vessel

Walking down our streets
What is it that they want
Where do they come from
Are they here to help or haunt?

No one seems to notice them
Am I the only one?
They don't interact with each other
They don't interact with anyone

Curious now I follow them
Wondering where they go
Wandering in and out of houses
Passing very slow

The nearer to them I get
Something rises strange
Desires I knew not I had
Hits me again and again

A pattern of activity emerges
Familiar they become
These near-spirits affect emotion
In my proximity I succumb

Prince of the Power of the Air
His children's playground we
Manipulating behavior
Everywhere I see

Something has changed
They stop; turn to me and stare
Toward me now they approach
I recite the Lord's prayer

As they begin to converge
In that same steady gait
I feel feelings of despair and lust
Overwhelming love and hate

One moment filled with carnal burning
Another depression deep
My head swims with images
Knocks me to my feet

First visions of happiness
Then pictures of crushing regret
Unfaltering attack on my sanity
At all sides I am beset

If only I could counter them
With the truth that's in my heart
I close my eyes and focus
Through a barrage of pornographic art

The swirl of wind beats down on me
I can hear the creature's roar
I want to take my own life
Though suicide I abhor

I concentrate with all my might
Of things I truly hold dear
My wife, my children...
I am suddenly without fear

Standing now against the noise
The sky has all gone black
I part my arms abruptly
Fending off this vicious attack

As who I am is slowly remembered
Evil thoughts disperse
With each step I take forward
These spirit beings inverse

Flung far away from me
Forced from my mind
I have battled and won
The scourge of all mankind

A calm has returned; the sky is blue
The wind dies down to a breeze
I'm standing in my living room
My children at my knees

The spirits are successful here
Because of mankind's sins
They feed off the weak of mind
Those who embrace evil's den

They cannot stand against character
Or those who are strong of heart
They prey upon the deviants
And those who put the horse before the cart

Hypocrites are an easy target
Filled with empty faith
For their shameful acts behind closed doors
Is nectar to these wraiths

To those who are often miserable
Who quit before they begin
For those who are always complaining
And those who try to cheat to win

You will never gain momentum
You will never get ahead
You will never find true happiness
You are already dead.
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