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Leopard has changed many things. They're moving away from BSD and embracing a more POSIX outlook. Imagine my surprise when ps -aux returned an error and ps -aef worked instead. Remember all the frustration I had with trying to export an OSX filesystem to my Solaris box several years ago? Considering OSX has dumped that horrific NetInfo GUI for a more standardized /etc/exports approach since 10.5, I was certain I would be immediately successful in mounting my 500GB FAT32 USB drive from OSX to ubuntu via NFS.

I was wrong:

mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting

ehowtons-mac-mini /sbin/nfsd[65]: Can't export /Volumes/500GB: Operation not supported (45)

Nothing I have tried has worked, and I've been at it nearly seven hours. There are a ton of resources online for how to mount ubuntu to OSX, but only a single one for the other way around. Not that it would matter, of course. NFS is NFS, and since the 'Operation' is 'not supported' I'm looking at going deeper. Some kernel-module switch flipped off perhaps. Here's the sole OSX NFS posting online which keeps showing up. I want to physically harm the person who posted it:

Setting up NFS exports under Leopard is insanely easy: just add an entry to (or more usually, create) /etc/exports, and it gets picked up automatically. This file survives reboots, as well; pretty cool.

Here's an example:
muse:~ root# cat /etc/exports
/Volumes/BigDisk/Panic -maproot=netroot
muse:~ root# showmount -e
Exports list on localhost:
muse:~ root#

"Insanely easy."
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