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Three back-to-back last night:

I dreamed I was working a project in Europe with my old boss, D.R.P. We were sharing a ratty hotel room, and he had me hopping with projects, so I asked him to pick me up 'the usual' when he went shopping, as I was too busy to join him. I got back to the hotel late, and he was already gone, but there were plastic bags like we use in the states, only somehow different, filled with products from the European equivalent of Target or Wal-Mart. There were something like twenty-five bags, everywhere. As I started going through them, I saw that he'd purchased cat litter and cat food - of course! He didn't know Daisy was no longer with us, and last time I'd needed these items at the hotel. This made me very sad, but then my wife called. I was trying to tell her what happened, but she only wanted to know if he got her some bras. I looked around the room and saw a bag with a couple of boxes of bras in them. She was placated and disconnected. There was so much to put away and I was only there for another day. I called my boss and he was on a train. I asked how much I owed him and he replied, "I'll pay for the bananas." I looked around, and he'd left me half a bunch on a cabinet.

I lived on the side of a hill in Rhome, Texas, on a lot of property, where two roads intersect. It was late in the evening, my wife and children all in bed, asleep. I stepped outside and the skies were an inky black - a nonvisible moon lit the grounds, the towering trees, and hinted at a 'midnight blue' color from the Crayola box in the sky. Detached from the main house was a smaller house, with no sidewalk connecting the two. This was my office. It matched the house - white wood exterior, low red shingled roof, metal-framed screens covering the windows. The wind had just started to pick up as I walked between the two houses. Inside the house was some cheap green flat carpet, a really old exercise bike, and a computer. I sat down and started surfing porn. I heard a screeching outside and from my seat peered out the far window, but it was too dark to see anything, so I went outside. The wind was now howling and I had to hold my robe closed. I was wearing boots and marched out further on the property and turned to look at the houses. The wind was blowing something fierce and perfectly cut sections of large tree trunks began to fall from the trees around the house at odd intervals. One went through the roof of the office. I was scared for my family, but none of them hit that house, so I ran back into the office, frightened I might be stuck again. The heavy trunk had landed right in my chair and would have killed me! I noticed some bark around the computer and saw that it had scraped the top of the monitor as it came down, but that my computer was still functional.

drax0r and I are on a spooky train at night in Eastern Europe, trying to catch up with D.R.P. The train had arrived in Bratislava at night, and the mostly abandoned station was covered in fog. We went into a souvenir shop to purchase some beer steins with the country's name on them. drax0r was after a highly detailed ceramic mug with a pewter top, and I wanted the simple grey stein. The proprietor of the store wanted sixty-five US dollars for the mug, but I told him I only had $45 on me, and he became angry. When I opened my wallet, I found there was no money at all in there. The train was about to depart, and I panicked, because I really wanted the mug, which looked like this:

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