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Space...the final frontier

Given the lackluster history of recent Star Trek films (and my own eye rolling disdain for anything 'New Generation') I sneered when I first heard they were making a new film - this one set when Jim & the crew were but at the Academy. This news reached me during the height of my 'this-six-degrees-of-separation-in-every-television-show-is-bullshit' phase, which I further projected onto this movie, possibly unfairly (though the director of the film is responsible for my feelings on the subject what with his television shows I based my ire upon).

And while I still don't know anything about the movie plot-wise, and the news snippets announcing which up-and-coming actor was going to play which character well...I don't really know any of these guys so wasn't motivated by the news. But when I ran across these pics, I couldn't help but think they were pulling out all the stops. Even assuming asininity is at the core of getting excited over promo pics, for the first time since the 1979 Motion Picture, I'm excited about seeing a Star Trek movie. I'm going to listen to Battlestations when I get home today.

Spock reminds me of lehah in this one
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