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I once read a very in-depth whitepaper on why USB could never be used for networking. Which is funny, today. And yet at the same time, so very, very dumb. My USB Networking Device...stopped responding today between 0730 and 0800. Wired networks are really the only way to go.

My primary Solaris server died today at 1040. My homepage is down, my gallery is down, my virtual Sun CD is offline, and my O'Reilly books are inaccessible. I was going to play with postfix this weekend. Sweet Tony has volunteered to swing by the ADC on his way out of town to fix, but that would delay him many hours and I'd rather he make it to East Texas safely and rested instead.

It's Friday and I have absolutely nothing to do. I'm guessing I'll make dinner at the hotel, watch a movie on the computer, maybe even install an operating system and build a mail server...sleep in a little Saturday morning.

Such is the life I lead whilst on travel.
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