ehowton (ehowton) wrote,


A glance intent can intone
Across a crowded room
But volumes speak an inflamed touch
Wordless and discreet

Closeness is intoxicating
When desire is in your eyes
Rapturous wanton reflected
Through the portals of your mind

Nuances of sensiferous evocation
Displayed across your face
Nonverbal communication's worth
A thousand words in tomes

True beauty's dreams conveyed
Knowledge of flesh inhaled
Innumerous expression techniques employed
Lifetime of innovative attempts to sate

Touching is a necessity
Ceaselessly demands
The body cries out for comfort
Screaming for release

A lover's breath will never deny
Pleasure's raw fulfillment
Mutual gratification ignored
Tantric as its goal

Low-hanging fruit is just as sweet
Inexorable lust discerns not
Stroke the petal of the flower
The gateway to your soul

Life into that which was inert
I read wonder on your lips
Specular orbs suffocate self
As one we become, then each other
Tags: poem

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