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Posted on 2008.10.28 at 11:30


ehowton at 2008-10-28 22:42 (UTC) (Link)
Thank you. If writing heavily-veiled erotic poetry is what it takes to get you commenting, I'll make a mental note to do so more often. Another interesting observation is that all the comments have been from women. I'm flattered.
galinda822 at 2008-10-29 02:05 (UTC) (Link)
Maybe...just maybe because men don't have "petals"? :)
ehowton at 2008-10-29 02:14 (UTC) (Link)
I love a nice blossom in June.
ex_crowy at 2008-11-04 01:09 (UTC) (Link)
My previous try made no sense.

Round TWO:

If thinking I'll only comment when you post erotica makes you post more poetry of this kind, then this is very extremely true.

I also comment when pantslessness is mentioned, it seems.
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