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A Beautiful Mind


Posted on 2008.10.31 at 02:00
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My company's eight-year contract is coming to an end with this client, and while its very possible that I will simply be reassigned elsewhere, given the state of the global economy, and more specifically the US recession, I have seriously contemplated the fact that I may have to find a job, something I haven't had to do in over a decade. My first job in UNIX was during the IT boom where I advanced quickly based on my hard work, strong work ethic, and nearly inexhaustible supply of positive attitude - there is nothing I won't try! This could be a problem now however, as I'm fairly highly compensated, and am uncertain that my broad and far-reaching, yet currently slightly-anemic skill set is a marketable commodity.

Necessity being the mother of invention, I have spent the last couple of weeks crafting something in which I hope is aggressively innovative - the online cover letter. I give you now, the all-new, completely revamped, UNIXSPOOK!

My hope is that with the breadth of information I provide in a navigable, informational, less-than-formal format, coupled with the very specific meta tags (as well as a link on this page, which ranks fairly high in Google), I will be able to be searched, cross-examined, weighted, and ultimately - hired! I have spent a great deal of time on this, and its a gamble, really. I get calls from recruiters all the time who tell me they found my resume online. But my resume has only ever been on unixspook - I don't advertise it. This leads me to believe that with the new format in place, I may actually be able to reach those who are looking for me.

What I'm asking from you - all of you, is critique. Are my outlines sensible, are the quips too vague, are there too many links, is my resume layout too outdated, is the site too difficult to navigate? Anything. Everything.

Thank you!


galinda822 at 2008-10-31 13:01 (UTC) (Link)
I'll look at it more today when I can concentrate. But at just a quick glance...it looks SPECTACULAR.

galinda822 at 2008-10-31 14:16 (UTC) (Link)
One suggestion I'll make is under City - change one word:
and alternatives to more streamline...change more to better.

And the pic you chose is kinda weird. Maybe a different one might give it a whole different look. I'm assuming you "played" with different ones though. Right?
ehowton at 2008-10-31 14:29 (UTC) (Link)
Done. And thanks!
galinda822 at 2008-10-31 15:34 (UTC) (Link)
No problem. I've finished going over the site with a fine tooth comb and right now I think I've given you all my other input over chat. Fantastic job sir!
ehowton at 2008-10-31 15:36 (UTC) (Link)
Thanks again. Your attention to detail helps alleviate the feeling that this course of action could end up an utter disaster.
galinda822 at 2008-10-31 16:01 (UTC) (Link)
Your course's of action are never disasters. ;)
Melancthe the Woe, So-Called
melancthe at 2008-10-31 15:08 (UTC) (Link)
And the pic you chose is kinda weird.

I suddenly realise that the pic in your logo makes me think of "Kilroy was here". I'm sorry, ehowton. Please don't throw anything at me. :)
ehowton at 2008-10-31 15:14 (UTC) (Link)
Domo arigato.
Melancthe the Woe, So-Called
melancthe at 2008-10-31 13:26 (UTC) (Link)
I like it a lot. The text is very readable, and I like that you've chopped it into bite-size sections, rather than an ugly wall of text. The background is appealing without being either bland or intrusive.

(I think our culture is different over here - we tend to be more formal - so I can't comment on your resume or the chattiness of the content. There seems to be adequate content without it looking either too padded or like the reader's in danger of information overload - I like it.)

It's easy to navigate and the number of links seem fine.

The Unixspook logo is interesting, but ... I dunno, part of me is saying that having your face on there comes across as too narcissistic (and I know that narcissism from people like us isn't always appreciated as it should be!). One part of me loves it, and I think you've done a fantastic job with the logo, but I still keep coming back to that thought and it bothers me a bit.

Although I really think you should lose the browser information at the bottom of the home page. I mean, that takes up a quarter of the content on the page! If you MUST have something like that in there (and, to be honest, every time I see that on someone's personal site, I assume that they couldn't be arsed to make it look decent in IE too and it makes me roll my eyes), maybe just a very small and discreet line or two about it being best viewed in Firefox/Opera/whatever?
ehowton at 2008-10-31 14:39 (UTC) (Link)
we tend to be more formal
As do we, which is why I'm banking on innovation as I can't 'personalize' a cover letter to every scenario in a static environment. But thank you, I'll consider formalizing the text if the trend states my candor is inappropriate.

The Unixspook logo is interesting, but ...
I know. I struggled with this the most, and your calling it into question makes it even more difficult for me. Most people don't do this - they hide behind an anonymous resume. This is the trend I'm hoping to break, but I acknowledge I may be going around it the wrong way. I think just for safekeeping, I'll create an alternate, visageless version which would be able to be popped into place at a moment's notice.

Thank you!
glodowg at 2008-10-31 15:02 (UTC) (Link)
I like it. I like the uniqueness it brings. I like the personal aspect and storytelling versus boring ol' data. But I know you and can appreciate all those attributes.

Since I work for a small (albeit uptight) corporate office, I don't know that anyone here would "get" it. In my world I report to CFO's and COO's who are technologically challenged.

Will the people that you are expecting to be looking for you "get" it? Will the appreciate these aspects? Are the people you report to "geeky" enough to value what you have here?

I am not criticizing at all. I am looking at it from my view point which can be skewed by the fact that I am the lone geek at my office and often spend time explaining the simpleist of concepts.

ehowton at 2008-10-31 15:06 (UTC) (Link)
BRILLIANT questions, thank you. Approximately 4 seconds into this it dawned on me that creating a near-identical site under another domain name geared more toward professionalism might be the best way to accomplish these magnificent points you've made.

Double the work, but perhaps worth it in the long run.

glodowg at 2008-10-31 17:01 (UTC) (Link)
I think if you just take some of the anecdotal comments out and swap some of your unix lingo for more generic terminology you will appeal to the masses. I think even the E-peeping logo is great!

And thanks for the "brilliant". Seeing as nothing I have have attempted for the last 2 days has been successful, the encouragement is well needed today!
catttitude at 2008-10-31 17:56 (UTC) (Link)
texas_tangent at 2008-10-31 15:10 (UTC) (Link)
Computer Scientist/Unix Lead
Contracted to Raytheon Systems from May 2007 to Present
Tasked with providing maximum uptime through hardware and software troubleshooting, research and integration of new monitoring products/testing and assisting the systems architect with the build-out of multi-million dollar refresh environments. Focus on leveraging F/OSS open-source solutions to save on expensive licensing fees through research, implementation and configuration. Install Solaris 10 Zones and multi-operating system VMware cleints as a cost-effective virtual server alternative and strengthen security across multiple hardware platforms through the deployment of third-party tools and aggressive auditing. Further tasked with reporting Sarbanes-Oxley required activities.

Clients is spelled wrong. I only had a glimpse but It looks great E. I will check out more later. Great Job!
ehowton at 2008-10-31 15:13 (UTC) (Link)
Fixed. Thank you!
texas_tangent at 2008-10-31 15:17 (UTC) (Link)
codekitten at 2008-10-31 15:26 (UTC) (Link)
are you working on it right now? because i can only see the top half of UNIXSPOOK and lots of other stuff is all wonky....
ehowton at 2008-10-31 15:29 (UTC) (Link)
Hrm. I am, but it should be transparent to the viewer. Can you define 'wonky?' I checked it in IE 6 and it displayed fine - a little ugly, but readable nonetheless. I think I'll make a vmware copy of XP for the sole purpose of installing IE 7, the only browser I haven't checked.

Thank you for your participation!
codekitten at 2008-10-31 15:46 (UTC) (Link)
i'm on IE7. i can't see any actual content. i click on the different menus and the only thing i see is the background and the top half of whatever the title is.

do you want screen shots?
ehowton at 2008-10-31 16:04 (UTC) (Link)
Well thank you! But I should be able to see the same thing you do once I upgrade to IE 7 (which I'm doing now, but running vmware clones on a laptop is not exactly 'quick')...

codekitten at 2008-10-31 17:21 (UTC) (Link)
ok, just let me know if/when you need more pounding (on your site :P )
ehowton at 2008-10-31 18:10 (UTC) (Link)
I never turn down a good pounding! (on my site)
catttitude at 2008-10-31 18:02 (UTC) (Link)
Well hun, you are brilliant.
ehowton at 2008-10-31 18:09 (UTC) (Link)
Thanks babe.
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