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A Beautiful Mind


Posted on 2008.10.31 at 02:00


texas_tangent at 2008-10-31 15:10 (UTC) (Link)
Computer Scientist/Unix Lead
Contracted to Raytheon Systems from May 2007 to Present
Tasked with providing maximum uptime through hardware and software troubleshooting, research and integration of new monitoring products/testing and assisting the systems architect with the build-out of multi-million dollar refresh environments. Focus on leveraging F/OSS open-source solutions to save on expensive licensing fees through research, implementation and configuration. Install Solaris 10 Zones and multi-operating system VMware cleints as a cost-effective virtual server alternative and strengthen security across multiple hardware platforms through the deployment of third-party tools and aggressive auditing. Further tasked with reporting Sarbanes-Oxley required activities.

Clients is spelled wrong. I only had a glimpse but It looks great E. I will check out more later. Great Job!
ehowton at 2008-10-31 15:13 (UTC) (Link)
Fixed. Thank you!
texas_tangent at 2008-10-31 15:17 (UTC) (Link)
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