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A Beautiful Mind


Posted on 2008.10.31 at 02:00


ehowton at 2008-10-31 15:29 (UTC) (Link)
Hrm. I am, but it should be transparent to the viewer. Can you define 'wonky?' I checked it in IE 6 and it displayed fine - a little ugly, but readable nonetheless. I think I'll make a vmware copy of XP for the sole purpose of installing IE 7, the only browser I haven't checked.

Thank you for your participation!
codekitten at 2008-10-31 15:46 (UTC) (Link)
i'm on IE7. i can't see any actual content. i click on the different menus and the only thing i see is the background and the top half of whatever the title is.

do you want screen shots?
ehowton at 2008-10-31 16:04 (UTC) (Link)
Well thank you! But I should be able to see the same thing you do once I upgrade to IE 7 (which I'm doing now, but running vmware clones on a laptop is not exactly 'quick')...

codekitten at 2008-10-31 17:21 (UTC) (Link)
ok, just let me know if/when you need more pounding (on your site :P )
ehowton at 2008-10-31 18:10 (UTC) (Link)
I never turn down a good pounding! (on my site)
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