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Mechanically Repatriated Poultry

On the Joomla! page in reference to the RocketTheme template I used for unixspook:

* Fully compatible IE7, IE6, Safari 2+, Firefox 2+, Opera 9+

What does that mean to you? I don't mind admitting that I must be misinterpreting it, because it doesn't work for me. I was overly frustrated by this most of Friday, to the point of distraction. Despite what it says, it doesn't display in IE6 or IE7 currently, furthermore it only renders properly in Opera running in Windows or OSX - not in linux. I did check it in IE6 prior to finishing the site, which means that one or more of my changes have corrupted its ability to be displayed in those browsers. I've started a second, identical installation elsewhere to check myself each step of the way and am so far having no display issues, but at this rate it will take me ages to recreate the site double-checking it at each turn. To further add insult to injury, ubuntu's "Any idiot can upgrade to 8.10" instructions didn't work. Words can not describe how insanely frustrated that makes me. I want those smug fucks to DIE!

My frustration culminated that evening when I unwittingly consumed the exact same recipe of disaster which lead drax0r to wander around my backyard without his pants for half an hour several months ago. I'm smarter than that. Nonetheless I've been hiding all weekend because I've convinced myself I was a tremendous embarrassment to myself, my friends, and the citizens of Anna. Outside of that quickly escalating episode, I had probably my best Halloween ever. I was entirely prepared for my wife's antics and thoroughly enjoyed my children's delight. glodowg and mr_dowg hosted us that evening - the weather was perfect, the conversation fun, the cigar magnificent. The only improvement to the night would've been departing when my wife did...before things got crazy. I need an attachment on the Bowflex which works out the same chest muscles which are sore the day after heaving.

And in a new category I've named, "The Worst Things You Can Put Into Your Body" I nominate the new RaceTrac 'Rollerbite.' While I normally eschew items purchased for consumptions at a gas station, for reasons stated in the above paragraph I felt I required an infusion of protein and purchased this uniquely progressive non-food. The official name is Chipotle & Cheddar Chicken Tender Rollerbite which is how it grabbed my attention. I hope that my experience can be a warning to others who may find themselves in a similar situation. See, unlike those corn or flour filled 'taquitos' you often find decomposing next to the rancid gas-station hot dogs, the Rollerbite is a thick, semi-flaccid cylindrical ingot of previously mechanically separated chicken which appears to have been cooked with steam, and held together with horse bile and artificially-flavored processed cheesefood. The entire meatstick is then rolled in spices and slow cooked under the heatlamps. You've been warned.

And the timechange always reminds me of Captain Janeway: "Time travel. From my first day on the job as captain I promised myself I'd never let myself get caught up in one of these God-forsaken paradoxes. The future's the past, the past is the future. It all gives me a headache."

Having also worked Sunday, I feel like I'm caught in a time loop today.

Also - seriously - its taken me years to find what I was looking for, but I found it in spades: 323 screencaps from the 4th season Star Trek: Voyager episode "Living Witness" in which I was able to give poor mirror-universe-like Captain Janeway a much needed facelift.

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