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I'm 36 today. For my birthday, I built myself a FreeBSD box from my old gaming box. Installed Big Sister, but that turned out to be a huge pain in the ass, so I compiled Big Brother instead. The devil you know.... I stared at the Big Sister config page for an hour. I got Big Brother up and running in 4 minutes flat, including compile time. it's even got xirr on it, but Tony didn't want the client running. Stayed indoors all day listening to music and drinking Gin & Tonic. It's nearly 1700 and I'm thinking about sleeping. The wireless internet here has been stable all weekend. The manager ordered some newer WAP's for the closet which serves this hallway. I'm guessing that will also upgrade their 'g' from 54 to 108Mbps. It matters not to me, all my boxes are running off one of Tony's old 100/base hubs. And yes, there are collisions. I packed my switch away somewhere else I'd be using that.

I've heard of SecureBSD. This is my idea of SecureDARWIN:

So I got Big Sister to come up anyway. Sorta. Anyone who clicks the link above, depending on where I am in the project, will either get one page or the other. This ain't an exact science here people. I'm getting very sleepy...

Rod was at work all weekend working on his servers. Poor bastard.
Tags: bsd, hotel, lan, mac, stl, unix
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