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Salacious Maneuvers

I'll be the first to admit that Blastwave's pkg-get (for Solaris) and Debian's apt-get have spoiled me rotten. With the issuance of a single command, the pre-compiled binary of your whim is automatically paired with its dependencies, checked against already installed programs, and installed, along with any other necessary packages if need be. Seconds after hitting 'Enter' the program is already auto-configured and ready to use, or in applicable cases, the daemon is already not only running but sitting in your init.d directory as well.


Gone are the days of meticulously pouring over patchsets which affect your particular environment as prudent security practices now dictate frequent and massive patch 'bundles' be installed to thwart any suspected threat. I love it, I really do. And while I was one of the last people on earth to jump aboard the linux bandwagon, I now sing its praises aloud to the people from its platform. Timely GNU ports to Solaris and...vise-versa? Previously unheard of a decade ago, yet here we are. The winds of change have constructed very exciting times for the likes of us, and I plan to stick around awhile and see how it all plays out.


There are those ancient monoliths which remain with us to this day. Large, imposing proprietary systems whose very name is spat from the lips as if a curse: SGI. (less so since they went linux, but since they have no concept of marketing...) AIX. HP/UX. While their 'unofficial' GNU binary sites were, once upon a time, on par with many packages have not been updated, or worse - removed. But in SGI's defense, I will say this - installing packages directly from the webpage was freaking awesome!. Mind you, all the same dependency woes were there...actually, I can see that being much easier now with tabbed browsing, but I digress.


Please state the nature of the medical emergency.
Tags: hpux, sgi, unix

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