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Feline DNA Modification

Just after selling our palatial estate in Wise County (prior to moving to St. Louis) celtmanx had graciously accepted charge of our three cats Mleko, Daisy & Speedbump, as he had a 4000 sq/ft Spanish home and three cats of his own. Unfortunately, celtmanx's wife had witnessed Daisy quite unnaturally unhinging her jaw in order to devour her baby's face, whole. Legend has it that drax0r took Daisy in after that harrowing experience and celtmanx held hostage Mleko & Speedbump for his own criminally insane evil doctor experiments.

Having once visited Czechoslovakia, when my wife found a kitten no larger than the palm of her hand in a chicken coop in Nebraska the color of milk, she used the Czech name for milk, mleko. Feeding her with an eye-dropper until she was healthy, Mleko traveled these United States with us and grew into a...formidable cat. That is to say, she was quite impressive. Large.

Through a series of events, celtmanx asked if we would reclaim Mleko as our own, and we were all too pleased to be able to do so, as our two Bengals likely facing off coyotes and losing, and Daisy's passing. Unfortunately, the following before and after photos indicated only one thing: DNA modification experimentation. I don't know what he did to that poor cat, but its unsettling.

Perhaps he could do the same for me?

Before - FAT

After - SKINNY
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