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The End of the World

I was sitting in my hotel around 2100 last night drinking my last G&T of the evening and chatting with "The Neck" when a huge storm blew up and knocked out power to the hotel....for the next six hours. Eventually, even the emergency lighting in the hallways went out, plunging the entire area into complete darkness. It came on by 0300 and I was able to get just over three hours sleep last night.

The Neck:

This morning I arrive at work only to discover that one of our remote sites was down and that "someone" should go over there for hand-holding and reassurance (and a possible reboot of a Novell router). That someone was me, and they were surprised to see me, but comforted that we were aware of their plight. Apparently SBC took a power hit as well, but their generators failed, leaving the entire city without an IT infrastructure. The whole city reeked of chaos.

In other news, quark is still down. quark and xirr are co-located at the ADC:

EricHowton:Hey, when do you think you can get over to take a look at quark?
drax0r:dunno, kinda busy, and it's like...far
EricHowton:That's ok dude, I understand. Whenever you get a chance. Thanks.
EricHowton:Ooops, I accidentally powered down xirr :(
drax0r:dammit! I'm on my way over there now.

Ok, that really didn't happen, but it made for an amusing anecdote. He's going to look at it this evening. He so totally rox0rs.

Watched an intense movie the other night, "JSA: Joint Security Area" It's a Korean movie (no, Tony, there's no ninja kung-fu) about the North and South along the DMZ. It won a bunch of awards in Korea, and I even heard Kim Jong-Illin' had a bunch of pirated copies imported for his staff to watch (training video's?) I don'd know if I was particularly interested because I was actually there, but from reviews I've read, it's one of the director's best films and enjoyed by those who have never been to the DMZ.

Well, my in-boxes (plural) just exploded and I can't seem to respond faster than they're filling up...
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