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Ceremonial Scotch

I don't drink often, and I rarely drink alone, but when my wife is in the mood for a nip from the bottle, I like to have Scotch handy in which to join her. I find myself purchasing inexpensive bottles of single-malt for this type of consumption, as when I do drink, I enjoy a certain volume of the amber liquid, and I love Scotch. I have a bottle of Macallan 18 which retails for $165 a bottle (it was a gift), but I find myself never drinking it. Its too good to drink. And too expensive to replace.

So, I only share it with others.

And only other Scotch drinkers at that.

There's no use wasting Scotch of this caliber on those who don't appreciate it. So when I have Scotch-drinking guests over, out comes the bottle of Macallan 18 and I watch my guests enjoy a finger of truly great Scotch.

That alone makes the bottle worth having.

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