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The Unix Fairy Delivers

Drank precisely one ounce of Lucid last night with a helping of ice cold spumante and slipped into a dream. An uneasy dream about my recent past, but surely that was just images from the disturbing storylines in the third season of Criminal Minds courtesy mr_dowg. Surely.

This morning I slept in exactly two hours, gave my undercarriage a bit of a 'how's your father' after consuming nearly a full pot of coffee my wife had left for me (Thank you sweetheart!) and finished my morning with eggs before leisurely driving into work, where my day began at 1000 hours.

In a tremendous move of glory, that magical man-beast Ernest provided me a 64-bit Itanium rx2600 as a replacement for belanna. I am thrilled beyond words. I snagged a copy of HP/UX 11iv3 (11.23) and despite having to work this Sunday, will attempt to get everything in place to begin building this out. As cameras are not authorized in the building or parking lot, I can't provide you an image of it sitting in my car, so please accept this vendor photo as my offering until I can take my own:

The day has passed far too quickly for me.
Tags: absinthe, hpux, unix

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