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The Evening Post

SomeBritInMass: Rec'd the "care package" today. Thanks dude. You're too good to me. It brought back memories of when I was last in Bristol, heading back from the fish & chips shop smoking one as I was walking back to my hotel. And of course I was waiting on the packaging to send yours over! That will go out shortly. BTW, the front desk of the hotel doesn't notify you that you have a package with a blinking light on the phone or anything. In fact, they don't notify you at all! I had to ask - glad I did :) As for the little baggie...Should I put that in the freezer did you once say? Thanks again, and speaking of that little baggie....

drax0r: Will get the tranq delivered to the place of your choosing, pay for your gas here and back, as well as keeping you well stocked in the beverage and quantity of beverage of your choice, and fed, fat and happy if you deliver said package personally. You'll want for nothing. For security measures, you can provide me a list of your requirements and I will provide photographic proof of such, for insurance purposes. Please consider my offer, and request.

Sweetheart: DAMN! drp said I'd be busy, but I really had no idea what to expect. All that shit is now happening now, at the same time. I'll cope. In fact, as I get used to this level of.....non-unix type work, I'm hoping it gets easier. I don't see how drp does it. This is small fry compared to his daily load. I love you more than you know.

ProT: Lighten up on yourself already. If it makes it any easier, I know EXACTLY what you're going through, and this too, will pass.

AmyGirl: What? Have you abandoned us lj types? What gives? Again, congratulations. And if I were you, I would now put all this frivolousness behind you, start focusing on what's really important, and trust me, that's not us. I'm thankful for having met you and the few deep discussions which sprang forth. In time, perhaps again. Until then, enjoy!

Angel: WOW! Go a little easy on yourself! Apparently lots of people think you rox0r! Keep your chin up. IMHO, you appear to think that you're the only one that knows anything about what you're going through and no one else ever could because this shit has happened only to you ever in the history of life, but trust me, that's just not true. In fact, it's silly! We're all rootin' for you. Listen, I don't want to get all caught-up in your drama...I don't care about your mild-mannered alter-ego. If you say you're a super, fantastic dynamic wonder-girl...well that's ok with me. I'm good. I'm good....(ok, I stole that last line from The Incredibles!)

"The Neck": Dude. Heh. Listen, you suck at comm and so do I. You send me one email annual which I don't respond to. Ok, we're agreed. Fscking post on this here biotch and we'll see how it goes. Last night was too awesome to let slip away. Tell that deliciously gorgeous wife of yours, "Thanks for sharing." Oh, and the "care package" I rec'd from SomeBritInMass, is the same thing you've been promising me for several years now. I love you anyway.

LOGBOY: You know who you are. Is your new position as demanding as mine? I hope your raise was more than mine. Tell that wife HI and maybe, just maybe, because you can access at this page work, leave your comments here. SIgn in and create a login (I'll make you an icon if you like, just tell me what you want), or post anonymously if you must, but please DO POST YOU LAZY MOTHERFUCKER! Because with you and "The Neck" posting, my life truly will be complete (talk to you're her awesomeness, "Her Royal Hotness" to post too. That would rock - just like in our HTML 1.0 days on the geocities messageboard...) dude, just DO IT. My most constant poster recently has not because "I haven't had a lot to say lately." Grrrrrr. Go git her, cowboy! Yeeeehaw!

GRANGER-DUDE: You didn't get me hooked on Robert Earl Keen, drax0r did, but your...dare I say it, passion towards it was what I needed. I miss our beers and little chats, and I just wanted you to know for the first time ever, I actually listened to the lyrics of "...the party never ends." What a sad prose!

ROBIN: We don't talk enough. I've lots of new stuff to tell you. Read through my posts when you get time, then post. I am so strapped on time, but I assure you one thing: I reply to these posts. Please join in the fun. I look forward to hearing from you.

DANZIG: Get your lazy ass outta bed and post occasionally. I mean DAMN dude! C'mon. Get with the program!
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