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When I was my son's age, I remember my father driving us to Corsicana from Dallas in my great-grandfather's 1963 Chevy stepside pickup. It was winter, and the truck had very little heat, and what heat it had, it didn't retain due to the drafty gaps around the doors and windows. I had to sit in the floorboard of the truck for heat. I tried to explain this to my son as he bitched about the sound quality coming from his headphones on the portable DVD player strapped to the back of my wife's headrest. Instead of visiting with each other during the long drive to Wichita, I put on my noise-canceling headphones as well, and slipped into silence as I drove seven hours North up the interstate. My wife watched movies on her Nano, and my daughter watched her DVD. A family of four, each with headphones, engrossed in their own world. It was not unlike the human's eventuality in Wall-E. The road noise in the cabin of my little sports car, allowed in from having removed the sound-buffer from the back hatch in trying to get the car packed sounded like sitting in an aircraft. The controls of the dash glowing an unnatural blue - and my seat moved forward in an uncomfortable crouch as I made room for my growing daughter's legs behind me made me feel as if I were piloting a very small, very fast plane. Darkness surrounded the vehicle and I got lost in Batman: The Animated Series and Millennium (both are fantastic) as we shot up the dark highway.

Only six hours sleep and we were on our way back home. Pulling out even as my wife's parents were still visiting with us. It was twenty degrees in Wichita, and seventy in Texas. We made serious tracks South. Stopped at my folks for a short visit before deciding on a late movie and dinner - because we could. I took her to see Twilight and ended up enjoying it more than she did. Had I not read the book, I would've thought her retarded though, as the motion picture was nothing more than a Cliff's Notes version of the novel. They touched all the right highlights, leaving out any semblance of structure as to how each milestone was reached. It was quite unbelievable and disjointed. Having read the book, however, I *squee'd* in all the right places along with the theater full of teenaged girls. Dinner at Romano's Macaroni Grill, home by midnight.

Its only Tuesday, but it feels like weeks have passed. Time has no meaning when there is nothing by which to mark it, and it has been glorious. I listened to Carter Burwell's score on repeat whilst reading book three of the Twilight saga, and ordered it on CD after I saw the movie. It really is a delightful score. I'm not that familiar with Mr. Burwell, the only other score of his I own is Miller's Crossing of which I'm unsure I've ever even listened to. Sometimes we go out, and its daytime. Othertimes we go out and its night. I made a copy of T:SCC for the car so its with me wherever I go, whenever that may be. I have submerged myself into my scores nearly 24-hours a day, not stopping for either carnal knowledge nor sustenance. Everything is just so...peaceful. Except my dreams - which are fraught with danger, forbidden sex, and fear. Its a nice balance, and I can't wait to see what's in store for me when I close my eyes tonight. I look forward to sleeping for these subconscious escapades which play out overnight.

jesskd26 gave my wife the first season of HBO's True Blood when she and drax0r gifted us a DivX player. We watched the entire series back-to-back. My wife is hooked. It was good, clean, hokey fun. Other than that, I have several movies I'd like to watch between now and the 6th - the day I awake from this dreamstate and re-introduce myself to the world. I have plans for mr_dowg to join me one day next week to share a bottle of absinthe and help me with a post, and drax0r to come over another day so we can open and drain the 5-litre gravity tap keg of Bitburger I have chilling. It will be nice to spend time with friends one-on-one.

We chilled a bottle of German dornfelder (which neither of us have ever had) and it was like a red version of spatlese. Just incredible. We had it with some sharp Italian sheep cheese and some creamy brie atop wafer-thin sesame crackers and slices of jalapeno venison summer sausage unixwolf provided from a buck he felled earlier this year. It. Was. Divine. I don't have to tell you what happened next, but its been that kind of a week, what with no children in the house. I've died and gone to heaven.
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