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MacBook Wheel

Steve Jobs gave his very last Key Note today in California, and the everpresent mindless throng of Apple enthusiasts were not disappointed, for today, the face of computing will forever be changed with the introduction of the MacBook Wheel, Apple's boldest move since the Macintosh:

Monopolizing on the wheel technology found in almost every line of their popular iPod series, Apple expects to hit one out of the ballpark with their reinvention of the laptop. First the Air, then the unibody construction, and now the Wheel. All I can think about is how pissed off I am because I sat through a year of typing class banging away on those old IBM Selectric typewriters in a classroom full of girls.

Though it was his last Key Note, Steve Jobs discussed in some detail how he fully expects the MacBook Wheel to be the precursor for change in their faltering OSX Server market as well, stating, "I never really realized how nuch I hated keybroads untill I saw this thing." With this latest tool, Apple is hoping to open the door to Enterprise-sized data centers and start carving out market share away from HP, Sun, and IBM on midrange back-end servers.

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