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Warning; Internet access is now offline.

Posted on 2005.09.26 at 10:27
Current Mood: Buried
Current Music: Sinead O'Conner, The Black Album
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No internet again this weekend.

That makes for a very long weekend indeed.

Drank G&T's all day Saturday, drank water all day Sunday. Doing nothing can be exhausting.

I was able to sleep quite a bit, which was more a necessity than a luxury. Of course that may have had to do with the amount of gin.

Met one of Lori's cousins's who live in St. Louis for lunch and a game at Buffalo Wild Wings Saturday. It was a nice time and went quite well seeing as we had never before met. They told me about the St. Charles Oktoberfest on Friday that Lori and I will probably attend.

Sat in my room all day Saturday after lunch and Sunday watching Star Trek Voyager episodes. Got a call about 1700, two servers were down at the Woodlands office. I drove over there, wound my way around the dark corridors, and opened the server room door. A rush of heat assaulted me. It felt upwards of 120 degrees in there. I reset the A/C and power-cycled the two boxes which were bouncing, then called Operations. I was connected to a conference. After 18 hours inundated with Starfleet colloquialisms, I just couldn't get it out of my system.

"What happened?" Someone asked.

"Environmental systems were offline." I responded.

"Did you bring the servers back up?" They asked.

"System reinitialization is now in progress." I told them.

What a GEEK!

There is SO MUCH going on here today and this week, that I'm sure my posts will be brief and infrequent. My wife is also coming down this week, not the best week to do so, but I'll take what I can get.


danzigfried at 2005-09-26 19:28 (UTC) (Link)

Im confused...

Wait a sec...YOU went onsite on a sunday to cycle some boxes, etc. Aren't you an SSDM? The answer is invarialby a 'yes'. So, why isnt a tech, responsible for those systems out there rebooting, contacting operations/facilities, etc? Your days of having to be onsite, or at least the first contact are over...you shouldnt be contacted until the on-call tech REALLY screws something up, the machines start spitting out green slime, and the duty manager has lodged himself in the paper shredder on his way to the server room...
...am I wrong?
You should be enjoying your sunday like the rest of the non-techs in the working world.
ehowton at 2005-09-26 19:36 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Im confused...

True, but I'm also 3rd Level Support, and the first two levels were...unavailable. Thank you for your continued support.
danzigfried at 2005-09-26 19:42 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Im confused...

You should replace your first two levels with people who actually want to work...
angel_174ever at 2005-09-27 01:17 (UTC) (Link)
Keep a smile upon that face (*smiles*)
ehowton at 2005-09-27 02:14 (UTC) (Link)
Your compassion hath no limits. Thank you.
angel_174ever at 2005-09-27 11:11 (UTC) (Link)
You should know Eric, as long as you smile, your going to make it through everything in life. (hehe) including being where you are right now. :) smile .. smile .. smile.
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