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Not Again!

quark went down again between 0815 and 0825 this morning.

Lost power at the hotel again yesterday between 1500-1800.

Wife and kids safely arrived just prior to midnight Tuesday night.

Have been attending two, concurrent three-day offsite meetings, providing IT support. (This usually means dimming lights and advancing power point presentations for executives...)

One of the hotels provides wired internet access in the convention area, at $100 a connection. Alternately, you can connect to the wireless throughout the building for $10 a day. To counter this shameless practice, I installed a wireless router on the wired end for $100, and in turn broadcast my own wireless signal to 85 CIO's throughout the convention area. It was a great success.

Tony, if it was another power outage, would you mind plugging quark into the UPS? Thanks pal.

Tags: hotel, kids, lan, stl, unix, wife

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