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The New Leaf

As I traverse this well-trodden path called life
Down the same road I've been many times before
I marvel at its wonder
Allicient speculation in store

My path worn with travel is a comfortable one
Lined with fun and tranquility
A few rough patches I've learned to avoid
Taking comfort in its familiarity

The path is broad and marvelous
Overhead trees canopy
Shielding me from unknown perils
Protection also from entropy

Always looking forward, never looking back
(Occasionally a sideways glance)
Ambulatory exploration
One foot before the other in a never-ending dance

With such routine rote to me
Imagine then my surprise
When one winter day amongst bare trees
A green unturned leaf I spied!

Throwing off my gate severely
I bent to study, to investigate
And found this leaf a puzzlement
Its very presence extravagate

Everything was different now
My levity gone in a flash
A single misplaced question
All hopes of continuity dashed

Having seen the Persian Gulf
And the white cliffs of Dover
I mustered all the courage I had
And turned that new leaf over.
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