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Random User

Late last night and again this morning I rigged a toolbar bookmark to open the 'random lj user' URL and went on a commenting spree. Well, "spree" might be the wrong word, what with the emo schoolchildren, the Russian porn sites, and the incomprehensible spam sites - well, I was lucky enough to find some great content. It was just few and far between the clicks.

Only once did I fail to identify myself as *random lj user* (which is always -oops- humorous) but the one that took the cake was after I'd identified myself as such the question was, "How did you find my site?" Perhaps there are users that are unfamiliar with that feature? I left them the link:

Speaking of lj users being unfamiliar with features, I discovered we have a 'Spotlight' and found a hysterical slash site (me of the no-slash rule) and ended up running the entire depth of the rabbit hole, hitting my magic random button so often, some of the sites were repeating. Now that's a good night!

Its not at all that you, my regulars, are in any way stagnating - quite the opposite, really. You see, you're all awesome. Surely there are other awesome people out there, right? I want to meet them. Bite their hide. I also found avatar sites, fanmix sites, an mp3 site where I could've downloaded Cat People for $1.92 (as well as HUNDREDS of other scores similarly priced) and people who talked about Solaris and scissors and existentialism and everything else you can think of. There were some I read months back without commenting, others I ignored when the updates were were spanned by months at a time.

I honestly didn't find what I was looking for immediately, though there are a few I placed on the back burner. A site as awesome as mine. Which, lets face it - its why you're here. You interest me, and keep me coming back for more.

Thank you.
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