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Darkness Warshed over the Dude

The family is gone.

It is quiet here again...painfully so.

Watched a few more episodes of Voyager, Season 5 to pass the time while I alternated beer and Scooby-Snack. Without my family here, I have lost my desire.

Decided to learn bind. I've discovered that learning bind on someone else's DNS server is considered rude. So I'm going to build my own. I have three boxes to choose from, my new FreeBSD box, quark, and teh max0r. I settled on quark which required an upgrade of OpenSSL. I chose instead to follow a mass package upgrade path. This usually takes awhile, and user interaction. Maybe that's how these things happen? They just grow off each other as you require them? We'll see how it goes. I tried this once before, and it took three full hours to compile bind onto belanna, my HP/UX box. A pre-compiled blastwave package will do just fine in this case.

unrar for unix rox0rs. I wish everything were command line. All that point and click makes me nauseous.

I love my SPARC Rave box so much, I think I'll sell my E250. Anyone want it?

Filled up secondary storage (st0rage) on teh max0r so had to do some housecleaning earlier. It might be time for a high-capacity external USB drive.

Updated quark, installed bind, cleaned out iTunes and downloaded some album art.

Lethargy overtaking me again...back to Voyager.

Tags: kids, star trek, stl, unix

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