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The Game is Afoot!

Here's your standard 25-things-you-may-not-know-about-me meme with a twist; There are 26, and only one of them is completely and utterly false.

  1. I carry everything in my left hand out of habit, leaving my right one free to salute.

  2. I enjoy Psa-Goa Trance.

  3. I carry my wallet in my right front pocket because it hung funny in my military fatigues which I wore everyday for many years.

  4. I wear long-sleeve shirts with shorts - even in winter. As long as my arms are covered I'm fine.

  5. I take Vitamin C on the hour, every hour, every day to stave off colds.

  6. I call everyone Sir or Ma'am, even my children.

  7. I enjoy cool, overcast, stormy days.

  8. I enjoy foreplay more than most women.

  9. I try not to blog more than once a day.

  10. I was a photographer for my High School paper.

  11. I can waltz & swing.

  12. I've read most of the classics.

  13. I struggle with simple mathematics.

  14. My IQ is below "genius."

  15. Another man once put me in his mouth.

  16. I've never had a broken bone or stitches.

  17. I have no tattoos or piercings.

  18. I attended DeVry Institute of Technology for a year.

  19. I still own my first car.

  20. I prefer the Logitech Marble Mouse over any other.

  21. I'll spend more on a good pillowcase than I will on the pillow.

  22. I prefer chocolate to vanilla.

  23. I am an introvert.

  24. I am completely infatuated with my wife.

  25. I never reminisce balefully.

  26. I drink more water than anyone else I know.

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