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"Who with fiery steeds Oft disarrayed the foes in battle ranged."


This is what it had come down to. Months of living in my own filth. I even had to step over the pile on the floor to get to my chair, and the trash can kept getting knocked over. Then one day mr_dowg came over and pointed it out. I broke down and cried hot tears of shame. mr_dowg held me.


700 zip-ties, $70, and 7 hours later, I have reconciled my space. Containers aren't cheap. Every cable & cord, be it power, USB. firewire, coax, RJ11 or 45 has been rolled, zip-tied, and secured. Two pull-out drawers keep clutter off my desk (which looked a lot like my floor) and off my humidor. I'd also like to thank "My Camera's Flash" for pointing out that I still have dusting to do.

And this little tidbit comes to you straight from question #41 of swashbuckler332's latest meme, "What do you carry with you at all times?" I answered his, but when I had to empty my backback to search for my misplaced VPN token (it was under my wife's keyboard) I took the opportunity to snap a photo:

On me, at all times:

(From left to right, top to bottom roughly)

Germ-X aloe travel size
Gold's Bond medicated powder travel size
1GB LiveCell thumbdrive
1GB Kingston thumbdrive
Blistix Medicated Lip Balm
Dog Tag chain
A USAF patch I picked up in DC a couple of years ago and never took it out of my bag
VPN token for my employer
Box of business cards
Ultra-portable umbrella
A hematite ring
Tiny bungee cord
A BSG "Apollo" collectors card (nfc)
My keys
A five-pack of Grizzly Longcut Wintergreen
Laptop power supply
VPN token for my client
iPod shuffle (for backup purposes)
Sony noise-canceling headphones
Portable Sharpee pen
Four silver dollar coins (long story)
Logitech Marble Mouse
Cat-5 cable
Cell phone

(not shown)

iPod Nano
Random novel
No less than four ball-point pens

And we'll call this third back-to-back post three-of-three for everything you couldn't possibly want to know about me.

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