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Vapor, The Sofa King - A Tale of Equilibrium

Sofa King inconsequential
Multi-state elemental
Always too hot; always too cold
Fluctuating phases considered too bold

Sofa King unwanted
Meek condescendingly flaunted
What exactly's wrong with me?
Fū, Kū! Ka Sui Chi!

Sofa King unfair
Just because I'm rare
You sit in your unchanging state
Coiled in mindless hate

Sofa King retarded
I refuse to remain guarded!
Those ancient values are flawed you hold onto
I can transcend you!

Sofa King sweet
Movement complete
An entire new set of prejudices
Yet still denouncing differences

Sofa King fake
To embrace diversity for diversity's sake
They talk with their gaping sucks
Braying and praying with clicks and with clucks

Sofa King breached
Equilibrium reached!
Moving between worlds
Among swine I'm the pearl

Sofa King delightful!
Freedom's not spiteful
Why can't anyone see
That its amazing to be me?
Tags: poem

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