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I enjoy Fine Art. As a child my father would often take us to the Dallas Museum of Fine Art where we'd spend an entire weekend day. And while some of my favorites were the massive oils of realistic depictions - ships at sea battling a storm on a canvas as large as a wall, or an epic landscape encompassing an entire story in a single frame, I also enjoyed the subtleties of the impressionists and the detail of the neoclassics. Later in life, photogoot introduced me to the Pre-Raphaelites which embodies most of what I enjoy today.

Soon after we met, catttitude and I had the opportunity to see "Monet and Mediterranean" at the Fort Worth Smithsonian Kimbell Art Museum - a massive collection of the most beautiful hues of blues, cyans, and sea-foams. The majority of the art I post on this blog are nudes, which I usually obfuscate in some manner to make them appear less graphic, leaving hints as to what they truly are. And while Renoir had his nude period, Monet never did.

So I fingered my muse (link NSFW), and created my own - of fingering my muse! (Bonus points for whoever guesses the background image I used, though it probably wasn't what he had in mind when he granted me carte blanche use of his copyrighted work...)

Fingering the Muse

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