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BIND is hard.

I've read the entire 4th Edition O'Reilly book, and now I have to go back and redo a bunch of stuff.
I was looking for the chapter entitled, "Look, all you really need to know is this..." which is of course nonexistent.
I have Tony's zone file up, and am creating my own with his example, and following the book. The two rarely agree with each other, which really confuses me. Book says, " file ABSOLUTELY MUST CONTAIN {some value or syntax} OR IT WILL NEVER WORK!!!!" Tony's zone files are void of any such 'mandatory' entries. Maybe I'll log into I can usually understand Jay. At least I got my Apache Virtual Host file working.

13-hour day today. I should have come in later. I knew I was going to stay late tonight babysitting the contractors. I missed both lunch and dinner, which usually makes me very, very angry. But there was a birthday today, and I have been surviving on 1-inch cubic squares of Mississippi Mud one per hour. I feel like I'm going to throw up. Today was not bad for a Monday here. I usually prefer to ease into my weeks, but this has been the exception rather than the norm here. Meetings with executives, corporate billing, ordering, DSR, desktop trouble tickets (I did exactly one today)...and now babysitting. Well, at least today was easy.

So much to do. I have the time to work on these projects, but what I lack is the motivation to do so. When I've completed BIND, I'll no doubt move to mail - another daunting task. I'd work on something easier, but all that's already been accomplished. Why did I save the hardest for last?

Another thing. Houses. Here's an example of a $130k house in a suburb of St. Louis, weighing in at 1026 sq/ft with no basement and approximately 40 years old:

Lest we forget what I keep comparing these houses to:

I shouldn't have done that. It hurts too much. I mean, I knew things were going to be different up here, but DAMN! It was hard, shopping for houses with Lori and the kids and seeing these houses at these prices. We wanted to downsize when we got here, but that was to spend less money and buy a smaller house. Not spend more money than our old house and buy a piece of shit. All the new houses going up around here are in the quarter-million dollar range. If I wanted to commute an hour and a half again, I could find something in the $150's. Just WTF did I get myself into here?

I'm weak with hunger, it's 2100 and the contractors show no signs of being close to finished, and I'm sure my weakness of spirit and lack of fortitude is brought on by not having any subsistence. I shall overcome. I always do.

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