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And then there was the storm...

(The contrast of my page really brings out the picture)

I took this picture out my front door at 2135 after the news reported we were under a tornado warning. Those are clouds, descending upon the treetops, enveloping everything around it. That bright spot was the last remnant of a disappearing sky, being masked out as the clouds rolled down and across, like the Angel of Death coming for its prey. A Sodom and Gomorrah, not of fire and brimstone, but of thunder and lighting.

Then the rain hit.

I love a good storm. I lived in England for a little over a year. We had sunshine and clear skies for two months - the remainder of that time was spent under the gray drizzle usually associated with that country. I missed the storms we have in Texas. Short, fierce, and wholly cleansing. The sky opens up completely and hard rain pelts everything underneath with a primal ferocity.

Maria blows the stars around
And sends the clouds a flyin’
Maria makes the mountains sound
Like folks were up there dying...

There's something exciting about so much electricity in the air, the coolness of it on your skin and being able to almost feel the drop in pressure as an atmospheric-sized struggle takes place around you. Clouds help give depth to the heavens, simultaneously making them all at once tangible yet reminding you how small we really are when watching 600 miles of front move in and surround you.

Its absolutely breathtaking.
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