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While I was shopping for my shirts this weekend, I came across several new designs that I just adored - and though they weren't on sale, occasionally, if I find one I must have I usually break down and pay full price for it. Here's the shirt in question (minus the green wool turtleneck - which I wouldn't wear anyway). They had one at Macy's and one at Dillard's - neither in my size. So I went online to find it, and discovered Ralph Laruen's new line!
Admittedly, its for the 30-something crowd (which, until September I'll still consider myself part of) but I just adore the eggplants, deep British racing greens, and dark Navy blues. Most of my shirts are the Polo "rugby" style with the white collars - and while I didn't find that shirt online, I found a close second with the yellow & green. Unfortunately, it only came in two sizes: Small & X-Small. I AM NOT A SMALL OR EXTRA SMALL!
So now I'm scouring the net for these shirts in my size. I checked both Dillard's & Macy's online stores, which have almost nothing for online inventory, despite what you see in the store. I have a 'dream' second job if such a thing is possible. I've always wanted to work at one of those two department stores so I'd be privy to the sales. Granted, my entire paycheck would go to clothes, but then that's what the job would be for. (Yeah, so I'll never wear my collar 'popped' I promise.)
There are only eleven R.L. "Rugby" stores in the United States and thankfully one of them is here in Dallas, Highland Park. And while some of the shirts were $200 (nearly twice what I pay at full price) I did notice several sales online which brought them down considerably. I guess if I'm lucky, I'll be able to hit a sale and get them for half-off; still pretty pricey, but damn, I wants me some new shirts. The stores are 60/40 female/male clothing, which is a pretty good split for finding something interesting.
I did get some new shoes this weekend! Unfortunately, these as well have already been labeled. It seems I can't just go out and purchase a pair of shoes for myself without someone shaking their head in disbelief. I wore these out of the store and as soon as my wife saw them, she shook her head and said, "I can't wait for jesskd26 to see those."

Do anything that you want to do, but uh-uh,
Honey, lay off of my shoes
Don't you step on my new gay shoes.
You can do anything but lay off of my new gay shoes.

While my wife was looking for shoes in another store, this kid approaches me and suggests I try on these new boots. I have a pair of Justin Ropers I wear every other day or so, but I don't like lace-up work boots, though once a year I kick myself for not purchasing a pair when my wife got hers, for the one day a year it snows here. Anyway, I humored the kid and slipped on a pair. Wow! Apparently these are their highest-selling boot, and also the pair which causes the most problems with their customers, because they're always out of the popular sizes. Oddly enough, they had my size. Now all I need is a good snowfall.
So I'm off to Highland Park at some point. With any luck at all the shop will be adjacent a Chipotle and I'll be able to dine in style. Its been awhile since I lifted one of those hefty bastards to my lips.

Happy shopping!
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