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Housekeeping Backlog

  • During my December 1st 2007 Party photogoot supplied me with a picture of the Tower of Power. I've updated the entry to include it.

  • Un-cut all but my two most recent entries under my 'Picturebook' tag. (Link NSFW)

  • Deleted all my 'old' userpics from ones I made updates to.

  • Re-friended snapper521.

  • Removed the Mininova Soundtracks RSS feed from my FL. I've never seen so many Indian film soundtracks in one place in my life!

  • Updated avatars with the inclusion of all-new animated versions of schpydurx's cunny visage (Link NSFW) for those of you so inclined.

  • Uploaded a picture of my son taken during his birthday last month for a future post.

  • Updated the tags on my recent entries.

  • Considering making an animated gif avatar of the Numa Numa guy.

  • Scanned a picture of myself to add to my Photostream which was on the same page in the photo album as the pictures of the television screen I took when I beat Street Fighter:

RAF Alconbury, UK 1992

And as an aside, I think I'm being abducted by aliens each and every night. Every night I go to bed feeling fine, but each morning awake with tremendous allergies. Why aliens, you ask? Its my understanding that 'loss of time' is one of the recurring phenomenon of alien abduction. I'm going to be honest with you - each night sometime before midnight I lay down in my bed, but my alarm wakes me at 0545 and I cannot account for the time! I have no memories of the past several hours.

Yup. Aliens, probing my ass, and making me sneeze.
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