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Were I one to watch the stars or delight in astrological signs I might be less excited than I am now. For some things a millennium of natural events cannot compare to the politics of a single nation. While there are significant and notable changes in seasons, and an accurate calender which can be traced back to the earliest civilizations, nothing excites me more than a national decree that time, as it was, is no longer, and is now something else.

When I was a commuter, my days began in the dark, wee hours of the morning - the air crisp and the sky a velvety violet, vivacious in its enormity stretched across the globe; returning too, late at night under the cover of darkness. I've always felt those who worked from 'sun up to sundown' were slackers, for I outlasted even that gigantic ball of gas which made its way across the sky.

But give mankind the power to change time, and behold the amazing things they do! Why just yesterday at this time it was 2100, and yet 24-hours later its now 2200. Loss of time. Its stuff from alien abduction stories. Our government has decreed that time changes. I've heard that time changes lots of things, but to change time itself? That really is a neat trick.

But with days being longer, and time adjusted to better take advantage of it, I feel empowered. Enabled in a way, no - a responsibility, to take advantage of this time as our rotating Earth travels its elliptical orbit around the sun to its apogee - knowing full well that the day after that point won't mean nearly as much to me as when time changes once again, hurling me back into darkness. I am but driftwood on temporal tides.

Today, I am a Superhero. And will remain so until my circadian rhythm is again disrupted at 0200 November 1, 2009. Everything you thought you knew about me will be tested, as I overcome hurdles, banish evil, and recreate myself for the next 238 days. During this time, its almost as if I'm shedding my old skin. I will renew old acquaintances, make new friends, and dissociate with others. A Superhero ties himself to nothing but self-improvement.

It begins now.

United States of America - manipulating time since 1918

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