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7of9 and the Delta Flyer

Tony has beseech-ed me to download and watch the three BSG episodes I have missed. I have complied. The purchase of the Season Two DVD Box Set is high on my list of things to acquire once it is available for purchase.


Season 2, Episode 8: Final Cut

I just watched the episode where the (later we discover) cylon does the
documentary aboard Galactica. What is she, Number Seven? We've already had
a hot blond chick represent that number in this genre.

I found it well done, though it did take me nearly halfway through to realize
it. I'm usually not one to enjoy a break from the tried & true story line to
try something new unless it's exceptionally well done. The camera angles and
fuzzy working tape over half the show annoyed me mostly.

But as with most BSG episodes, its how they tie it all together at the end.
Even though this is an epic show, they continue to make each episode stand
alone in its own right.

The end of the 'tape' brought a tear to my eye. Possibly because I was in the
military myself, possibly because the director of BSG knows EXACTLY what he's
doing. Do you what sealed it for me? The gentle, subtle strains of the
original 1979 Battlestar Galatica score I heard in the background probably 30
seconds prior to anyone else who saw it.

Nice touch.

Season 2, Episode 9: Flight of the Phoenix

This one also started out a little boring for me.
In fact, I was once again about 3/4 through the episode when I realized I would
hate this one. Funny how they always manage to bring it all together at the end.
Every single time.

I didn't expect the ship to be completed this episode. That was a nice surprise.
I was tense when Starbuck disappeared, and touched when they unveiled the name
of the new fighter. It was all so well done. Of course I couldn't help but once
again think back to Voyager, when they built the Delta Flyer. Of course this
was so much more realistic and moving than in the milktoast Voyager episodes.

I can't wait to see what happens next...

Season 2, Episode 10: Pegasus

When Admiral Kane steps out of the Raptor on board Galactica and the crowd goes
wild - GOOSEBUMPS! Even though I was expecting it, as some asshole
(David Eatherly) had previously sent me a synopsis. Overwhelming. Now THIS is
how I like BSG's to start.

I'm only halfway through this episode, and already I've decided I probably should
stop watching BSG altogether. It is way too tense. I don't know if I can handle
much more of this.


I can't handle this. It's just too much.

I just discovered that the soundtrack to BSG Season One has been released. I'm leaving right now to pick it up.
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